Create samples accurately and cost-effectively with rapid prototypes

We also manufacture extremely complex components quickly and cost effectively using 3D professional printing technology We make customer requests tangible and testable at an early stage of development with these rapid prototypes. Exact plastic models are tested for their required functionality and confirmed, rejected or optimised depending on the result. We have refined our procedure by means of professional 3D printing. In cases where the construction of sample tools used to be restricted to the bare necessities for financial reasons, both we as a service provider and our customers have access to real components and can therefore see, feel and assess how design ideas and functionality can be optimally implemented for the customer in a quicker and better. This procedure would have been much too expensive with classical tool models.

We use machines made by Stratasys to make the prototypes: Two Stratasys Fortus 400MC systems and one Stratasys Dimension Elite are in use.

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